Friday, 30 January 2009

First Night In Dubai

The first time Gabriel set foot in Dubai, when he arrived at the UAE Airport with the grandparents. I remember how he looked in the window, how amazed he is with all the lights glittering all over and asked "Mommy is this Dubai" I smiled and answered. My parents are happy and had told Gabriel "Finally you are here with your new Country". At that night we are already exhausted waiting for the long que and while we are waiting at the passport control (Putsa) needs to go back for eye scan a new rule in Dubai so we went back to a long que,luckily we passed the long que was able to sneak in "I still remember how all those passengers looked at us with furious faces lol! During in the Eye scan my funny that my father had aged and could not open his eyes wide for scanning and the local guy keep on saying ("pls open you eyes and commented "you really have small eyes like chinese people") Then the local guy decided to approved the visa without the eye scan and for my Mom well she's playing smoothly with all the rules and for Gabriel 'Oopss no need to scan but gabriel was really looking forward you know kids they want to try everything for fun lol!

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