Saturday, 28 February 2009

2nd Day @ Al Cove Rotana

Gabriel My Little Naughty Boy

Kids gone crazy having fun only my son gets darker Lol

After the long fun at the pool they decided to take a walk and play around the beach while waiting for our departure back home.

Waliking wt the 2 Beautiful ladies Benthe & Merthe/Lol Its the other way aroung girl should do the pushing hehehe!
And walking and walking , Gabriel already lost his way and managing to find the others

Friday, 27 February 2009

Wartsila Co. Outing @ Rotana Cove Ras Al Khaima

The Cove Rotana Resort at Ras Al Khaimah in UAE as a traditional Arabian hospitality and extensive range of facilities tinged with an array of services in the midst of a peaceful setting. It is a convenient location along with comfortable lodging facilities and complete range of amenities of this Ras Al Khaimah hotel made it a preferred choice of our company outing.

Rotana Cove Ras Al Khaima
After the long working days finally I decided to attend our company outing, Gabriel and I drove with Johan along with the kids. Gabriel met for the first time Benthe and Merthe during the weekend,they spent 2 days and one night playing the whole day at the beautiful beach and pool side.
Johan Verlaan & Kids are Orange Team & Me wt my son in the Red Team

Fun Starts Wt my Officemates

During arrival @ Rotana wt Joyce and Grace

My mates @ work

Thats how excited they are looking forward going to the beach

Waiting for our First Lunch

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Desert Safari @ Hatta Oman

Your holidays are not complete if you miss the unique opportunity of experiencing the fascinating desert safari on the sand dunes. The 4WD (4 wheel drive) speed through the desert over the sand dunes. The thrill of going up and down the dunes provoke many a shriek and laughter full of excitement. Remember to keep your camera and films in your bags, as you may not get another opportunity to capture the sun setting among the sand dunes.

It was almost weekend Thursday afternoon we drove to Oman Hatta for a new Adeventure "Desert Safari" We hit the road alomst half past four. Along the way my folks had seen the outside world of Dubai Urban place.

With Ailene and Johan

As for my Parents they enjoyed every moment and witnessed the Sunset

Overwhelmed Faces

Friday, 20 February 2009

With The Mates & Family

With Johan joined in the beach to see how Filipinoes celebrated Weekends

My Father who already felt cold,And my Mom who dont want to try her swim wear.
Me and Gabriel having fun with my mates and family

Well they are my mates and good friends Wt Ailene who always have her funny way.

Swimming @ Jumiera Beach Park

During weekend i took them to the beach to have fun with my mates and friends, we prepared food early in the morning some fish to grilled. They said that Jumiera beack Park is one of the old famous beaches in Dubai the same as the Miami beach, European and different nationalities are having a good time, relaxing with there families in the beach. With us are Joel, Doray, Nene, Carl, Allan, Roel, Maricel, Marion, Michelle, Jeff, Albert and Ailene.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Iranian Restaurant In Festival

After the overwhelming Circus show Ailene invited us to visit her friend who works in the restaurant and a former company of hers. At first kinda hesitated to dine inn thinking that my parents would not like the food but lucky us, they are flexible and inthusiatic to experienced how an iranian food taste like, We ordered Girlled seafoods,kabab which are the famous food. While Gabriel's playing outside had a little bit of a naughty way of making friends as a result it end up crying with an african little girl.

Well this is one of being a mother

Chinese Circus Show

We decided to watch a circus show, and it turns quite good acrobatic moves and fun tricks. And again they enjoyed commented they are so so very "elastic" Lol!

With Tita Aiz..Telling a story about the Circus Show

Gabriel being funny again

Friday, 13 February 2009

Last Stop @ Atlantis Hotel

It will never be a day if we missed this one, Atlantis Hotel @ Palm Jumiera The newest Hotel that was recently open it was the beggist celebration in Dubai were most of the international stars attended such as Robert De nero one of my fathers favorite actor, Charlise Theron, lindsay Lohan and some more....This become a tourist spot everyone go there to take a nice picture like what we have now. For the whole day we have so much fun and we can call this for a day!

Taking advantage @ the Atlantis Hotel Lol!

A day of never ending fun waiting for the sunset