Thursday, 5 March 2009

Al Hambra Restaurant Al Qasr Madinat

With us are Michelle & Johan
After the long Abras ride, we arrived at the Al Hambra Restaurant located in Al Qasr 5 star Hotel its a Spanish restaurant with a Moorish-inspired design. We tasted the "Yummy yummy Food" The hotel was really excellent. The staff are VERY friendly and helpful. There are canals all around the hotel which will ferry you round, very nice when you are going for a meal. The restaurants are excellent too, but be prepared to pay a lot of money. Pierchic was particularly expensive. The leisure facilities are good too. The pool is nice and has lots of lifeguards which means you don't have to keep your eyes on the kids and can relax a little. While you're at the pool they'll also bring you ice lollies, fruit and cold flannels. You really do feel like royalty here. It was a pitty that my father was not able to joined us for dinner he got all drunk @ home with my mates (pissed off in short :( )

"Gabriel's Funny ways"

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  1. ganda ganda ng damit naawa ako karuyag ko ako liwat naka ganyan sosyal sister.