Monday, 16 March 2009

Johan's Birthday @ Work

For the night plan greeting him Gabriel fell a asleep which is the main character for the surprise "the little naughty boy slept nicely and forgot that we have a plan for that night, but eventually we did surprised him, my Flatmates greeted him along with my mother by waking him up, he thought that it was Ed and the rest collegues went to my place. "Funny"

Well these definiteley a smile of Joy

"With all the Propulsion Team sing the Happy Birthday Song"

"With the first Bite"
As we drive on our way to the office Johan and I mismerized the morning breeze, while my mind is busy on how to surprise him for this day, Welcoming his birthday 8am, Collegues and engineers went to DIP to extend thier wishes a good life and more birthday's to the coming future. Ofcourse he was overwhelmed and surprise for he had recieved so much for the day. " As he said this is the new and different way of remembering his birthday he once remembered he don't celebrate his birthday" But in this day I finally showed him the difference way of celebrating with everyone of course with naughty fights with me that add a spice for the day Lol! It ws a plan the day before his birthday and it went well.

An invitation card from the company inviting all Wartsila Employee for the early celebrations for thier birthday.

"The Justice League's of Wartsila"

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