Thursday, 19 March 2009

Visited Schools For Gabriel

The Winchester School

DIA Dubai International School

Emirates International School

It's Thursday last day for the weekdays, I went to different kind of schools to check which school Gabriel should go for the coming opening school. I went to 5 of school located in Springs,Meadows,Greens and Jebel Ali. They have Dubai International Academy one of the top school in Dubai,next to British school, 3rd to Emirates International school then to Regent School and last but not the list the Winchester School a GEMS School. So far this are the schools i had checked so many choices, this schools have an international curriculum and also an Arabic Class that is required. So far i have not decide yet but i already have a positive thought about one school that i like.

Mall of Emirates

After the long afternoon visiting schools checking and asking for applications, we went straight to the nursery school to pick Merthe in the Springs then next stop to DIA School to pick up Benthe....It was so nice to see them again the last i saw them was in the Rotana Cove Company outing last end of February. They were so happy to see me and they showed how beautiful school they have, Benthe showed me her belly dancing steps "Funny how little girls enjoyed". After 3o mins rest I had called my Mother to meet us in Emirates Mall honestly my mom and gabriel never been to MOE but they were able to manage to get in the taxi, Taxi's in dubai will really drop you to the place what u had told them and there are certain drop point which they really have to stop.
2nd Time around kids meet Lol! With there funny faces!

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