Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Dubai & Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo opened in 1969 and has since expanded into one of the largest collections of both common and rare animals. Arabian antelope and deer comprise a large area of the zoo. A variety of African antelope, such as oryx , eland , gazzelle and lechwe can be found in the tree shaded paddocks which offer excellent breeding conditions.The big cathouse features lions, tigers, pumas, black and spotted leopards and jaguars. Gorilla and monkey compounds, a reptile house and aviaries are other highlights of the Al Ain Zoo.The zoo is also famous for its research facilities, in particular the ongoing breeding program for endangered native animals.

Benthe, Gabriel and Merthe
Three kids had a great time exploring the Zoo, running around and been amazed by different beautiful wild life. It was all our first time to visit the historical Zoo, Whole day became tough with emotions and reactions including "Stress Lol" And the temperature is highly ge
tting more warmer.
I took the family to Dubai Zoo which is the highlights of wild life in Dubai

The very moment when Gabriel starts to get moody (guess it's because of the weather Lol)

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