Saturday, 6 June 2009

Gaby's favorite Place to Swim "Snoopy Island"

Today'weekend saturday is the best weekend we have went back to Fujairah Snoopy Island to go for a swim as well as the good experienced of snorkling...during that day we decided to go for a snorkling along wt gaby for we cannot leave him behind as he draw an attentiuon of screaming 'Mommy where are you" like a lost abandoned boy. So we decided to take him with us for a snorkling to swim towards another island due to the strong current of wind we ended up in a long swim and force to go aroung the whole island to go with the flow of the wind. It was a very good adventure with Gabriel who stayed strong and for a little boy who tries to be brave and thought it will be all fun ..... and great experienced.

"Well they try to have fun & forget the silly fights"
They're moments of silence as they talk like big boys on how to avoid fights wt each other
A long day of fun " sleepy little boy "

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