Monday, 1 June 2009

Mommy's New Car

While Gaby is waiting for the arrival of the new car, he waited and waited and won't stop asking which type of car, what color and if it's a big one. As my family are aware that his a fanatic young boy who really loves car, along with his super favorite movie Mcqueen Cars he fancied different kind of cars, this is also one of the reason why he likes to be in the outdoor to see kinds of car and point shouted " Look what a nice car with a smile in his face " Even Johan and me used to make a joke and made fun of him that maybe one day he will be one of the good taxi driver one day Lol! or maybe he can be a car mechanic who fix cars, "but he bolted and shouted "No I will be one of the good driver car race in Formula one F1" Well it seems that he knews what he wants to be when he grow up.
Too excited reaction "They try to check the inside as well as dicussing how to keep it clean"

Alone inside the car "Boy wonders where is the beep beep push button"

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