Friday, 10 July 2009

Johan with the Kids Off to Abu Dhabi

A week's over after Gabriel departed back to Philippines, Johan and the kids came over to invite me for a drive to Abu Dhabi, Its weekend and the kids are so inthusiastic to go for a drive and spend thier time to their father. We ended up shopping for the new dresses and new hair clips which they really likes and choose over an hour to decided which hair clips are nice.

During mall hopping we met Rhiza's family along with baby Sucrie and Ali her husband, Benthe so eagerly to carry the baby and even suggested that she can lift it by herself unfortunately thier was a slight accident that end up her and the baby cries, she accidentaly bump the head of the baby in the table and poor Benthe struggles to calm the baby and ended up she was the one crying more Lol!

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