Saturday, 30 May 2009

Weekend @ Hilton Fujairah Hotel

Soak up the sun on the Hilton Fujairah Resort's private beach and dive into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and exploring nearby Al Hayl Fort.

Windy @ the Hilton

With the whole family Andrew,Ailene,Tita Rosemary (Andrew's Mother) Tita Rose (Andrew's colleque) Michele,Me and Gabriel. Ailene and Andrew invited us to join thier weekend at Hilton, Well story behind this it took me 3 hours to get in Fujairah we got lost keep driving around I mistakenly took the right turn and then we went back all the way around to search the way going to Musafah! (hey! it's my first time though to drinve out side Dubai Lol!)
But Hey! I would never learned if we never got lost.. hahaha! Michelle gets panicking when she noticed i start to get erritated. (Sorry gal cheers!)
Rosemary,Andrew,Ailene and Rose

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