Friday, 7 August 2009

Barbecue Party at Johan's Pad

Johan had invited us and my flatmates to have a barbecue party plus night swimming in his pad along with Martin a colleague. As we plan ahead of time all of us decided to bring own food dish to taste and explore Asian food. Luckily Martin is very fund of having the Crispy Pata that was especially made by me (thanks Martin),Johan prepared his marinated special barbecue and the rest of the mates prepared pasta.

As we enjoy the rest of the afternoon eating and chatting along with the funny pictures we did not even remember which time it is till we decided to jump to the pool to refresh ourselves. It's funny that we did not even notice the hot temperature during the party. Well as all are enthusiastic to the beat of the sounds dancing and singing exchanging jokes and tried the "BUKMA" the famous liqour that Johan presented to make us even feel more hot. (well normally in Holland they drink that during winter) Lol!

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