Friday, 28 August 2009

Trip to Philippines

Aug 27th our day to go back to Dubai and hid straight to Philippines, Woke up early morning had breakfast prepared by Johan's Mother "Oma" as we hid to the train station Oma & Opa took us to the station to pay their farewell to Johan it was very nice and a bit sad that we stayed too short but all are happy. As we arrived to the airport Benthe & Mirthe flew together wt Johan, too excited kids up and down during the flight running to stay with Johan it seems that flight became a circus of kids playing,crying tries to entertained their self. As thought came to my mind observation that leads me the truth (Observation that turns into a gossip I witnessed how people are too pretentious to accept reality as well as cultural awareness) Anyway we had an up beat flight totally amazing (P.S. a memorable experienced Sigh!) We landed safely.
As we landed Johan gave goodbye's to the kids informing them that his going straight to Philippines with me and gonna visit Gabriel as well as my family. A smooth goodbye gave us a peaceful thought, as we arrived in Philippines my sister Ate Rachel & Gabriel picked us up in the airport a warm hug ease all my worries missing my son for too long. As Johan hug Gabriel then again the best bud start to talked. Johan met my sister seems that they have known each other that long both are comfortable with a nice chat about plans during stay in Philippines.
Our first flight is to go to my home town where I grew up. Of course everyone are expecting us for my mother had prepared a small gathering with relatives cousins and friends. As my mother and father met Johan again they were happy to see him especially in Philippines. While we gather with a warm welcome and chat about our long flight from Holland to Dubai and Dubai to Philippines then again one and half hour plane to my home town Catbalogan Samar and almost 3 hours road drive. Following day we started with the party introducing Johan to the rest of the family an overwhelming hello! so the most awaited part is the party with Asian cuisine we have pasta, beef meat and our famous (Lechon De Leche) that makes him feel Odd but then again my Johan is so flexible and so ready to try different food well luckily he never had a bad stomach after the party.

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