Friday, 14 August 2009

Vacation To Holland

After the countdown for our vacation, the day had finally come (Vacation Time) after 11 months of hard work we've been looking forward for this day to come. Our Vacation to Holland Johan and I were so excited to see the kids as well as his family Opa,Oma and the two dashing lavishing sisters of his Mady & Nathalie.

6 hours flight with no sleep just wondering how it will be when we arrive, As we arrived we have a nice warm welcome from the sisters as well as Mady's gorgeous husband who's very accommodating. During our road trip we had a nice chat it feels like I've been talking to them even before, as i have known them by Johan's undying stories how they grew up It's nice to hear how he remembers all the fun he had with her sisters.

As we parted ways after picking up Nathalie's car we drove straight to his parents house where Benthe and Mirthe's waiting for our arrival. While driving Johan pointed all the place where he grew up and had live with, driving fast we arrived just on time were the kids are outside Benthe riding her bicycle along with Opa and Mirthe. Of course when the kids saw Johan they were running like marathon towards Papa with big warm hugs and exciting stories with this and that as Mirthe says. A big hug to his father and finally my time of introduction an innermost welcome from the parents " I thank both Opa & Oma for the warm welcome to their lovely house and good food" My last words are it was very superb experienced to met such hospitable family of Johan.

As our part of itinerary we sailed for almost 10 days in Johan's sporty Motorboat. Huh! imagines for almost 2 weeks in the boat it was thoroughly great experienced I liked the part where we always stopped port by port to explore the south part of Holland. With the kids in the boat, well there was small difficulty of feeding them but still we had manage to have nice foods for them, great breakfast every morning, a coffee in the terrace, a small walk to the village and lots of photos as an evidence to our great vacation it may be short vacation but it feels like we've been together for the whole month plus the lovely weather it seems that natures get along to our day to day journey. there was a time that rains but still we manage to move along to the another port "Johan and I had miss rains for a quite long time, In Dubai not that so much rains we have" Great rainfalls after a lovely Sunshine's rise. See below our great photos during our journey have fun!

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