Saturday, 31 October 2009

At Drydocks World Dubai

As a service Coordinator we I am oblige to visit vessels especially if we are having a big and complicated jobs. During my visit i went on board vessel Rhoneborg owned by Wagenborg Co. i met the superintendent as well as our engineer who is assign in this vessel. During process of our visit Johan discuss the whole procedure of the ongoing job. Viji as one of our good Service technician who is specialized in Bow thrusters & Azimuth thrusters is busy the whole day to start the work.

As we go on we toured inside Dubai dry docks as I noticed while your inside their premises rules and regulation are strictly to be followed, all safety should be wear like boiler suite,helmet,gaggles,safety shoes (which i called them the McDonald shoe).

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pick the kids up then send to school

The following day of his arrival he directly pick the kids to see them, sleeping at our place then he send them at school in the morning. Kids are too happy and eager to see their Daddy for its 2 weeks they never see him, during that night he gave all the presents freshly from Kenya nice story books Shirts with Kenyan designs. Followed by the present of Oma & Opa directly came from Holland as the gift wrapped scattered around they were so happy to check it out inside the box are pink & white sleeping shirts, cute undies, candy's,drawing book, paper designs and many more.

Benthe's Touch of Art Mirthe's creation
Next is dinner time followed by our desert were the kids made their own design of fun, then freshen up for a shower fun never stops until then.

Opps! Just for Fun

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Finally the big guy arrived From Nigeria to Kenya

Johan & Dexter
Johan arrived after ten days battling with the leadership training, from time to time he calls and check on me how are things at work & me being alone at home. In Kenya "Theirs a time that he was walking along the path going back to his hotel he saw a giraffe standing next to the tree 100meters aways from him. "He really feels amazed how this creatures are not afraid at all adding that they are too harmless and they're everywhere you can see all of them including the monkeys playing on the rooftop while they're having their training. The word "Unbelievable" is always our word every phone conversations, plus he sounds like a little kid pretty cute though Lol! And now finally his officially a leader.

In the contrary his trip to Nigeria was the opposite "of course when we hear Nigeria first thing in our mind comes up is a dangerous country with all the violence news. But despite to that he still go for he really needs to be there and help one of our customer Lamnalco. Arriving at Nigeria he sigh and felt bad with the long trip. Moving on he had proved himself that it was not that dangerous people and media are the one who's exaggerating everything. He even suggest that wartsila can send engineers and can even process visa for them as a reserve during emergency. Well then will see what happen next.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dinner wt Colleque's @ our place

Four days past alone in our pad, a friend come to visit for dinner Lara also a service coordinator one of my close friend and lunch mate at work, We prepared the food it's a sudden invitation but it went well. We always plan to have dinner and cook together but all the time it gets cancelled due to other emergency plan. But this time we made it cooked vegetable and big crabs. Along with us are Carmela and her husband along with cute Nigel their son.

Nigel who dont like to eat only wants to play watch cartoon.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weekend Sleep over

As our usual time every weekend with the Kids they sleep over and a whole day fun...First is our cleaning nails make over their manicure and pedicure routine Lol! while Johan checking mails and 2 hours his face in front of the laptop we girls are busy making our self beautiful brushing hair putting perfume. It's fun being around this girls they make me crazy "if the other one thinks of something the other girl wants as exactly the same thing" its both of our last weekend before Johan go for business trip to Nigeria then straight to Kenya for leadership Training.

Showing their Red Hot Manicure