Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pick the kids up then send to school

The following day of his arrival he directly pick the kids to see them, sleeping at our place then he send them at school in the morning. Kids are too happy and eager to see their Daddy for its 2 weeks they never see him, during that night he gave all the presents freshly from Kenya nice story books Shirts with Kenyan designs. Followed by the present of Oma & Opa directly came from Holland as the gift wrapped scattered around they were so happy to check it out inside the box are pink & white sleeping shirts, cute undies, candy's,drawing book, paper designs and many more.

Benthe's Touch of Art Mirthe's creation
Next is dinner time followed by our desert were the kids made their own design of fun, then freshen up for a shower fun never stops until then.

Opps! Just for Fun

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