Wednesday, 9 September 2009

With My Family in Bora Bora

5 nights & 6 days in Boracay with my family is a big week for us to spend the whole week, we had an Island hopping stayed in the beach the whole day tried different restaurants and bars, during the night with acoustic live band.We did all the touristy things in Boracay - my sister Jean trip to had a Quad riding going to the Zoo, while my Mother and Father fancied to walked an 8km with different shops. My sister and my Son along with my Uncle they stayed along the beach swimming and playing around in the sand. At the end of the day we gather and meet in one point waiting each other for the family dinner.

As for my Johan he like the most "hanging around and watch the people and observed the crowd and noticed how strange Filipino's are (selling watches and offering Jet ski almost everyday we bumped into them they still ask and offer the same questions hahaha!) Then one day Johan & I decided to have a temporary tattoo for fun it took us 3 hours to keep it dry before jumping to the beach (Whoa! its a long wait). We also tried to go for motorcycle drive to explore the whole island been to station 1 which where the first class hotels are located,then to station 2 where our hotels are they call this the middle class area. And to station 3 which where you can see more cheaper accommodation, Nipa houses and monthly basis renting.
As we all having more darker and darker skin due to the sun (Excluded Johan who just became redder and became more frustrated to stay in the sun & poor me I have to stay with him so the evidence are I look like black African girl who needs to keep away from the sunlight as "Gaby's way of Jokes he called him "Tito Johan is a Lechon! Lol! were Johan gets upset with the little Boy and have their funny fights)
This does not happen all the time I have 3brothers,3sisters and me its actually a big family and most of us are working outside the country this kind of gathering is always the most awaiting part of the year were we reunited and spent quality time with each other. For us, as long as we have fun and stays together we make the most of it everyday.
Johan and I thanks my family and his family for all the hospitality,pleasure and warmest welcome they showed us and a good happy experienced with our short and sudden vacation. Its such a wonderful feeling to have such beautiful family.

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