Friday, 18 December 2009

Gabriel's back in dubai

With Rachel, Gabby & Johan
Today is Gabriel's day, he arrived midnight along with my elder sister Rachel it took them almost 11 hours trip from Philippines to here in Dubai and a two hours stop over in Hongkong. While waiting at the arrival area we've been wondering how he will react when he saw me and Johan again. almost two hours waiting outside it took them very late to come out the airport due to the long ques at the eye scan for visit visa purposes and final stop at the immigration. And finally they showed up happy and wondering where we are....As we give the a warm welcome and an overwhelming smile and big hug to my little boy Gabriel.
Miss each other so much!

Their first talk...kinda serious

In my first day with my family it's always feels nice to wake up in the morning to hear my little boy's voice shouting and running around the house. This day is our first breakfast together with my sister 's first time here in Dubai, no jet log everything is perfect to go out for a coffee. We drive along the jumierah beach residence showed them the place where mostly Europeans are having brunch.
Mother & Son bonding
Sister Rachel looks fresh and free of Jet log

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