Sunday, 27 December 2009

HappY BirthDay Gabriel!

This month is the whole month main big event for us. Christmas just around then followed by Gabriel's Birthday, I still remember when we first celebrated Gabriel 1st Birthday it was a blast as all my family celebrated with joy for his first year in his life. And now it will always be the same feeling and even more than that, for four years since 2005 I had missed Gabriel's birthday reason that I am here in Dubai working but this time we had managed to bring him here in Dubai to be with me 'Thanks to Johan" for his generosity and letting me be with my son along with my sister Rachel for this year Christmas, Birthday and New year. It will always be a happy moments with my family and Johan's kids " As Johan and me always says let's make the most of it and cherished everyday being together". For today's celebration we arranged a small party for Gabriel in the presence of Benthe and Mirthe who are more excited than the birthday Boy!. Friends and colleagues gathered in our place to celebrate and wishes Gabriel a very Happy Birthday and more to come.

"Kids party Fun"
Visitors Have Fun during Party!

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