Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My way to Shopping & Wrapping Gifts

My Way to Shopping
The day before Gabriel's arrival we have manage to buy all the gifts for the kids, as we struggle to choose which kind of gifts they like we were able to finally chose and gather everything we needed, gift wrapping paper etc. Johan chose for small stuff that are funny and make them interested, learning stuff like drawing and reading books for Benthe,Mirthe & Gabriel, I chose Barbie's which is the first thing that both girls requested, then princess mugs and plates which they can use while having their favorite chippies and all. As for Gaby I already have in mind all his favorite McQueen's cartoon character. All are set and ready for this coming Christmas Eve till Christmas day. After the exciting day of shopping we had remembered to give ourselves a gift so at the end of the day we decided to buy both gifts in separate ways to make everything a perfect surprise.
Busy busy...Lots of Gifts

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