Saturday, 16 January 2010

Benthe & Mirthe visited Gaby

"Walking hand in hand and keeping close with each other"

Weekend is the most awaited day for the kids were they get together and gets to play the whole day, running everywhere screaming,laughing, getting naughty, and having fun with each other. Benthe & Mithe are too excited to see the tooth of Gaby and to see how it looks like and how he is, in their own version and Gabriel's version of story I think it's pretty went well. Gaby;s being so enthusiastic to tell how it goes and how feel now and before the way he called his teeth "Alien Teeth" Lol! We got to keep his extracted tooth as a souvenir for him.

Girl's Night Out Peanut Butter Jam @ Wafi

Friday night I took my sister ot to Wafi with Ailene to show her the different style of night out in dubai. In Peanut Butter Jam rooftop @ wafi thats give you comfort not minding how you look like, setting with those bin bags make me so cozy and relax and listening an acoustic music were different kinds of bands jam in and play thier best music. One of out frind always sing with the Band named "Flipside" they have such good music we enjoyed. Since its winter obviously makes us shiever and feel cold while drinking mexican beers plus adding to the music that gives us a nice beat by Dj Ole".

Roof Top peanut butter Jam

Later that night went straight to Music Bar at Majestic Hotel where I used to hang out with friends and opt to hear Rock Spiders.

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