Friday, 22 January 2010

Farewell Fun for Gabriel & Rachel

22nd January 2010

As we drove to the Airport I see Gabriel's disappointment in his face showing he doesn't want to go back to Philippines, as his worried that the fun is already over and he will miss both Benthe & Mirthe. But every time I explained to him that he will be back again in March after school his naughty face showed a happy thoughts, Plus if his being reminded of his Auntie going back to Phils. alone he right away object and Say's " No I want to go with Auntie" Lol! I hope that both of them have fun while their visit here during Holiday season. As Johan said " He will miss them especially the noise in the house and the naught face of Gabriel" his hoping that he will be back by March to see him again with his police white car and hoping it will stay White till his back Hahaha! Boy made a promised that he will keep it white. And for my sister
were both happy that we enjoyed the short holiday there maybe stressed everyday but its part of life. I'm hoping that she'll be back as well here in Dubai for her to have her own adventure as an independent woman. I'm very happy with all those moments that were here together with Johan and his family. "For you my little Boy when your back in Phils. I want that you wear your retainer so you can get over wearing those"

Earlier that Morning
Today's is Farewell fun for Gaby with Mirthe and Benthe, later today is their flight back to Philippines at exact 18:45. Earlier this morning we went straight to Jumeirah Hotel to join Oma, Opa, Nathalie, Robert, Benthe & Mirthe for a swim at the beach. It's a good weather today 25 degrees wind is cold but the sun seemingly warm, Kids played in the sand building a palace with Oma and Nathalie's help. As I felt cold I did not really jumped in the beach to joined the kids hanging out in the shore running with the kids and taking photos as a remembrance of our memorable fun together with Johan's family.

Fun @ the Beach

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