Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Gaby's Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions, or even just the idea of having a tooth "pulled," will often put a person ill at ease. If, however, you understand the principles behind pulling teeth and dental surgery in general, you will probably find the process of having a tooth extracted to be much less of an ordeal.

In Gabriel's case our dentist already recommended to extract 3 of his teeth that are already damage and can affect his incoming teeth. Plus my little Gaby has already a phobia when it comes to Dentist so his dentist had advised to put him in sedation to make him sleep so they can manage to pull out his teeth. As we don't have any other choice we decided to do it to stop the pain his teeth and to fix his teeth in proper care. My Gaby had totally no idea in whats going to happen today, early morning we check in to begin his appointment. Funny that he just had fun in the Med care Hospital he bully me and Auntie Rachel along with his Tito Johan. Singing and playing while waiting for our dentist who's running late. As the nurses already started the first step checking his Pulse and blood pressure, Gaby wonders why they are checking lucky the nurse is good in getting his attention that they were playing and checking numbers and that made him relax and so are we.

Tell you how it went through the operation, first they put him asleep, as Gaby and me went inside the room I tried to talk and tell him to lie down he ask 'Why Mommy What's going on?" My poor baby already start wondering till he felt the needle in his bum bum went deep ans that;s the time he cried out loud and says "Mommy" till then the Anaesthesiologist tap me in my shoulder and says he will sleep now "Me..still in shocked how fast the medicine just 5seconds he cried then he fall asleep" Then it started while he was sleeping 2 dentist and 1 Anaesthesiologist were busy for 30 minutes, measuring his teeth for his retainer after extractions. 30minutes passed My Gabriel still asleep while they were taking him to the room to rest and sleep till he wakes up. After spending 5 hours in the hospital finally we were able to go home and my little Gaby is really insisting that he wants to go home, the first thing he asked when he woke up was a "Bread" Lol! then we are all at peace when we hear it. "Thanks to my Gabriel for being such a tough Boy and strong" I thank Johan for being there and supporting Gabriel and making him so tough, also Gabriel thank his Tito Johan for the nice Car which did not stop him for playing even the poor boy just had an operation 5hrs ago. Too excited to hold the remote control of his car he almost fainted of being too enthusiastic to play. 48 hours he only allowed to have clear soup "really a diet for Gaby!".

'Fearless and a tough Boy'

After his successful extraction we went back and made a visit to his dentist who became his best friend hahaha! as a progress and follow up "Tough Gabriel will be wearing his retainer to put his teeth in normal position and proper alignment especially front of his teeth were the dentist had pulled one excess tooth in the center. Now my Gaby will be wearing retainer for 3months till he gets back here in Dubai, hopefully little boy will wear it as much as often so he can get over it and have a normal beautiful teeth. I had took this photos so when he woke up he will remember and see what the dentist did. "Good to say but my Little boy did not even remember what happen" dentist says kid will not remember what happen when he wakes up and "its True"

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