Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Johan off to Bangladesh

Vessel Khanak in bangladesh Port
After celebrating the festive holiday season, Johan and I are back to work again reality check festive season did not really last that long but still we are grateful were able to spent those happy moment and a great celebration with our loved ones. Johan starts New year in a business trip in Bangladesh to visit Wartsila Bangladesh for new prospect project, staying 4 days is a bit tough to him knowing that me my sister and my son will be alone that he will also missed the fun and itinerary for their visit here in Dubai. As he became more patience again slowly he became more preoccupied in Bangladesh meeting customer's and making presentations. And again a never ending monitoring a way of missing me and the kids Lol! From the moment he set foot in the airport he was amazed that 10 degrees cold is not what he expect, lucky I let him brought the warming jacket I gave him last Christmas. here's some cool photos through his short stayed in Bangladesh.

Window view where he stayed

Photos taken during his visit Bangladesh Streets

Meeting the Uncle
After work went straight home to pick up my sister and Gabriel to meet Uncle Freddie my mother's brother he also stayed here for almost 3yrs and working as a Controller in one of the company located in Deira retails store named "Snow White Garments" Once in a while we manage to meet and see how's work for us here in Dubai. As we meet in Dubai Mall for a nice dinner with my sister we also watch the Fountain Show that amazed all the people who waited every 15minutes of the show.

Rachel enjoyed the show as well as chatting with Fred about life in Dubai on how it went well for him " He says it may not be as luxury as we want but it's enough to survive and have savings" I really still imagined on how I started and how he started and survived here in Dubai, but it made both of us strong and independent. We may not be always together and meet as often as we could because of our busy schedule we still managed to meet once in a while. " We are happy to see our Uncle Fred and spent time especially here in Dubai" For you my Dear Uncle you thought me how to be motivated in my work, thank you and will meet soon again. Success take care always.

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