Monday, 4 January 2010

Most Awaiting Opening Burj Khalifa "Ex Burj Dubai"

Burj Dubai opening date has been announced, 4th of January 2010 The tallest building in the world open a big celebration

Burj Dubai was finally open on the 4th of January 2010. They managed to complete the tallest building in the world in 5 years and did a show that no one will be able to repeat for quite some time. It was just amazing and I bet very expensive.
Actually I felt a bit sceptical when I was going to take some pictures of the Burj Dubai opening ceremony…
There were quite some people at the Waterfront. It was like a showcase of the world’s cameras, lenses and tripods. Everyone wanted to get a picture – amateurs with iPhones and mature photographers with Canon 1D Mark III. I just hanged around for a while and finally found a spot at Souk Al Bahar behind some women who were smaller than the height of those tripod standing.
As 20:00 was approaching, so was the crowd. At Eight o’clock the place became too overcrowded. Nothing started at 17:00 though. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum arrived at around 19:00 and was speaking to other VIP guests with Burj Dubai passes on the Burj Dubai side of the water. The other visitors could see what’s happening on two screens standing on the mall’s side.

A bit later than 20:00, the show began, It ended at about 21:00, so we headed to our car. That’s wasn’t easy. We went off Souk Al Bahar to Emaar boulevard and got into The Dubai Mall via one of its parking entrances. Then we spent another hour and a half trying to leave it. The Dubai Mall’s parking was not made for five thousand cars leaving at the same time. I never understood why the architect of the mall’s parking made so many narrow passages with curbs. In a heavy traffic jam they just make it harder to drive while they don’t seem to be necessary.
And again, I was very upset with the driving culture. Most of the people just didn’t give way to others, horned and behaved like they were the only on the road.
Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world overcoming its closest rival Taipei 101 by more than 300 metres. Burj Dubai is definitely a place everyone must see
Actually, when you stay just in front of it, the building does not appear to be the tallest man-built structure in the world. But if you go one or two kilometers away, you will see the true power of optics. Burj Dubai is an enormously huge beautiful building. It is just amazingly tall. The Address Hotel which is also big seems to be a tiny house next to Burj Dubai. And it is just unbelievable that Burj Dubai was built in 5 years! It is located next to the Dubai Mall, the Address Hotel and Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Burj Dubai area. Just follow the Dubai Mall signs.

Johan too stunned of the fireworks Display

Gaby and my sister cherished the moment

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