Thursday, 21 January 2010

A night before Gabriel's back to Phils.

Gabriel's enjoying his ride, tonight is his last night of his vacation in Dubai. In Philippines school is already started his already 2 weeks behind from his school due to his dental care reason. At the Batuta Mall I made a small grocery for them bought some chocolates for his teacher's present along with my family, after the grocery we took Gabriel to House of Fun were all kind of car race, rides and games he wanted to try, he start playing with racing track along with my sister then they took a balloon ride.

This balloon ride is not so easy, we have thought it's just a simple ride but there's more on this ride Up and down till the wavy comes.
After our fun and joy ride went straight ahead to meet Johan;s Family for a dinner @ JBR, we had dinner at the Butcher's Grill one of the nice steaks restaurant in Dubai.

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