Saturday, 23 January 2010

Oma & Opa visited Wartsila Dubai

It will never be complete if the parents didn't paid a visit to Wartsila Office, Oma and Opa really enthusiastic to see how Wartsila Dubai Look like. So later that afternoon we drove and checked the place out. Happy and overwhelmed they toured the whole office,Johan showed his office also my table where I set just outside his office. As we toured down the workshop we found some employee who are currently working, walking around checking the spares they found the weighing scales where I used to to weigh myself every week. of course with curiosity Oma and Opa weigh themselves with smile mentioning they put weight a little Hahaha! guess because they were in holiday all they do is to eat along with the kids Benthe & Mirthe.

"Wartsila Workshop Dubai Investment Park"
Earlier this Saturday
The fun is not over yet we still got the chance to be with them spending the rest of them with his family. For today we had our lunch at one of the Malaysian buffet restaurant very cozy, with an acoustic band sounds breezing in the air, we also have a very nice scenery along the beach and a nice weather. As I noticed Oma & Opa are so easy to be with they like just basic stuff, basic treatment with no worries. Of course during their stay they like the good customer service which they have noticed compare to Holland. They says that it's very luxurious hotel. Nathalie & Robert most of time spend and having a relax sun bathing in the beach. For tonight were taking Oma and Opa to Dubai Mall to have a small bite and watch the Fountain show, Nathalie and Robert will be having a dinner at the Atlantis Hotel with Roberts colleague.

"Kids happy moment's together"

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