Saturday, 9 January 2010

VIsit to Zaabel Park with Family

Zabeel Park is a major tourist attraction in Dubai. The park has something to offer each visitor,With an overall area of 47.5 hectares the park has been designed with a technology theme that reflects the current status of Dubai as a regional centre for the development of high technology and IT industries. Zabeel Park provides a themed recreation and leisure facility of international standard, for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors. To reflect and maximise the technology theme, the park features a series of high tech interactive displays including educational and recreational exhibits grouped into three zones (Alternative Energy zone, Communications zone and Techno zone) as well as a maze modelled on the planetary system and other technology based attractions. In combination with these elements, the park features a contemporary and futuristic style that provides the park with an individual, vibrant and unique character, unseen before in other parks of Dubai.

"Playing Around"
Johan arrives Friday in the afternoon, picked him up from the airport on our way back the house he had so many funny stories about his short journey in Bangladesh like "People really likes to stand next to him especially at the airport they stared at him and keep on smiling" he founds the people polite and simple. So for today Saturday we went to Zaabel Park of course with all the kids who gets more crazy and excited again to ride their bikes, Benthe is already planning to teach Gaby on how to balance while riding his bike. Then we also agreed that after a while were going to take off the side wheels of his bike as a start for him to learn. Though my sister Rachel and I already thought that it will be so tough and difficult for him to have patient, but still were going to try.

Poor Boy! he really is disappointed with no side wheels Lol!
View to the Mosque

My Sister too curious about Mosques I took them in Jumeirah road to have a good view of so many Mosque down Jumeirah Road, she noticed that ever stop light there's always a Mosque both sides of the road.

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