Thursday, 14 January 2010

Weekday! Gaby's Day Out

Two days after Gabriel's extraction during his recovery period we tried to take him out just me my sister and Gabriel. Johan still at work, we decided to go to the open beach where the famous Burj Al Arab. arriving in the beach weather gets colder and the wind breeze starts, just sat there and talk about how things are going with my sister while Gaby is busy taking pictures everywhere. As a simple way e bought McDonald's & KFC on the way to have a small bite. Seems that Gaby is enjoying the wind and the sound of the sea splashing to the shore. Walking in the beach with barefoot in the sand is kinda cool. Then me and my sister just stayed inside the car even eat inside the car for we could not bare the cold temperature I guess that time it was 15 degrees.

Hahaha! Gaby's front tooth is gone!

15Th @ Festival City
"Gabriel tried to be inside the big balloon"

Wee! His back and good in shape! Well done Gaby...

"We tried the Thai Restaurant and crave for Tom Yum Soup"

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