Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day before Valentine's Day

Weekend comes around fast and goes fast, today kids are with us for just half day for they will be attending a birthday party, Its amazing how this kids almost every weekend go with birthday parties with their busy schedule, their father still manage to spend time with them having a big breakfast all together, a walk in the bridge that connects to JBR we had a little bit of fun seeing the marina view which Johan and me had never seen in the area for almost 6mos living in Marina it was our first time to see in day time the marina view Lol! was great though.

After big breakfast we sat & enjoyed under the sun

Weather is good today but the wind blows cold...This day I imagine what future will bring us. Today is the most amazing day I ever have. 'thoughts are with Me"
Healthy way of spending our weekend

"Practicing my Swing"

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